I thought I'd put down my wishlist just in case it might help someone looking for last minute and presents. 

Top of my list is an Architecture tour of Palm Springs . Thank you to one of my lovely customers for this suggestion! Thanks Marie! I think I may have to wait a little while for that one though. 

A bit closer to home is a visit to 2 Willow Road in Hampsted, London, the home designed and lived in by Architect Ernö Goldfinger. The building is now managed by the National Trust who run tours. A vist here to see all the treasures in side followed by cocktails would be amazing. 

If you are with me on the desire to tour original Modern homes then there is another option open to the public. The Homewood in Esher, Surry, is closed at the moment but the promise of a picnic in the late spring would be a great gift to recive on christmas day. Perhaps wrapped in with my next suggestion. 

Every home needs lots of houseplants. They were loved by the mid-century designers for their ability to help bring the outside in. Great plants to suit the era would be palms, cheese plants, yukka and of course succulants and cacti!  There are some amazing planters to put your perfect plant in in the shops at the moment or you could even go for a pottery lesson together. Friends in Oxford can do this with fellow Oxford Etsy maker FICH ceramics

For the chair lover in your life then the absolute best book you could get them would be 100 Mid Century Chairs and their stories by Lucy Ryder Richardson. I recently received a copy from a friend and its a joy to read. 

A minimalist sunburst clock would make a lovely present for new home owners. Vintage originals are hard to come by but your best bet to find one today would be Crystal Palace Antiques in London. If it's a treck the journey would be worth it for the joy on their face when you surprise them with it. 

And the last and final idea before I have to go would be a beautiful original Anglepoise lamp. I have one for sale in my shop but you would have to arrange your own courier to pick it up from me in Oxford. 

I'll have to wrap it up at that... and go start my own christmas shopping! Good luck! 

I'm mostly sold out at the moment but I will be going hunting again in the new year so follow my Facebook page for sneak peaks when I find new pieces. 

Have a great Christmas all xxx