Image credit to Marcus To - Huntress.

As Black Friday approaches, I can’t help remembering that it was national poetry day a short while ago… September 28th 2017 to be precise. 

A blog post is supposed to be current and up to the minute but given that I am making it my business to deal in vintage items it seems only right that my blog should also be more about looking back and celebrating enduring bright thoughts from the past. So this weekend I will be thinking poetic and creative thoughts in honour of the not-forgotten national poetry day.  I may buy some new sandpaper if I can’t help getting caught up in the Black Friday frenzy. But I’ll try not to. So here is my poem inspired by my obsessive furniture hunting of late. 

On the hunt..

Always scanning the horizon, mind focused

I know my targets, I know their silhouettes, their history and their ranking in the pack.

I know their names

Hours, weeks, days and months searching

So when I recognise one among the crowd I have to take a breath, 

My heart stops, then races,

Moving fast into action to liberate the lucent find

Phone calls made, liaison set, a deal in motion

On the scene, eyes on, identity confirmed. 

And liberated from a life of colourlessness, brought back to the limelight, the space you were made to fill. 

Oh sweet sweet mid century gem 

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I'm working on a couple of lovely pieces this friday. Fingers crossed for good weather and a weekend full of excitement of every kind!