Welcome to the SixtyVintageThings Pattern blog!


So for my first blog I'm going to keep it short and just list the reasons this little vintage store was born.

1. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We live in a world of too many things. Vintage furniture is amazingly well made and it was built to last. Why use resources to manufacture new cheap things when there are alreay brilliantly designed things here already just waiting to be re-discovered. 

2. My need for good design. I look for beauty every day and the clean lines, interesting outlines and natural materials used for mid-century furniture speaks to me. 

3. A desire to make a neglected and forgotten but brilliant piece re-loved. Like rehoming an abandoned kitten.

4. A need to find interesting solutions to a challenging toy storage problem. 

5. I'm forever instilling a desire in my children to create. They do and they inspire me to do the same. 

6. Each piece tells a story and becomes a friend. 

That's it for now. In future blogs I'll tell you how this little adventure is progressing. We have a long way to go!