Restored Vintage Ercol Dining Chairs - Set of 4 (Four)

Restored Vintage Ercol Dining Chairs - Set of 4 (Four)

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A 1960's vintage set in good sensitively restored condition. This is a very rare set from the original Ercol Windsor range as indicated by the blue makers mark label and vintage patination .

I need to clearly state that this is a set of restored chairs. I bought them in need of repair from someone who sadly couldn’t see past their flaws. Although at the time of finding they were suffering from splits (now fixed). To me it was a set of four vintage Ercol dining chairs from the iconic and life changing Windsor Range brought out by Ercol in the late 1950s. Not only did they still have plenty of life left in them, they also had plenty of life to show what they had lived through. And I wanted to fix them. So I did.

Made from Wild English Elm and Beech, trees which would have been planted, saplings as a young Queen Victoria first took to the throne, trees that twisted as they grew, witnessing the first motor cars to grace the roads around High Wycombe (and soaked up their smoke). Trees that survived through two world wars, not yet big enough to be felled for the war efforts. Trees that when World War Two ended and restrictions on furniture rationing was lifted were chosen to symbolise a break from the darkness of the war years and a move towards a bright new way of living. Simpler, happier. The tree became chairs, transformed by the designs and forward thinking ideas of Lucian Ercolani. Chairs that would have been used around a dinner table discussing the first human in space, the first man on the moon, the birth of the first cloned sheep and the death of Freddie Mercury.

After all this life, they were then put away in a garage, forgotten about for the next few years. Sadly, left exposed to the extreme cold of winter nights, they suffered and their elegant carefully steam bent arches dried out and split. And then they were just taking up space. But I found them. I fixed them. And soon they will get a new life once more. A lot of dealers wouldn’t have bothered, or might have tried to mask their flaws. But I am choosing to let them sing their story. And be loved all the more for it. I hope!

These are very special chairs. Please only purchase them if you are happy with their condition as shown in the photos I have provided.

Price includes free delivery within mainland U.K. please get in touch for quotes for delivery elsewhere.

My name is Cate. I’m an independent furniture restorer and vintage dealer based in Oxford, UK. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask. I am always available to help.

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