Pair of Mid-Century Chest of Drawers

Pair of Mid-Century Chest of Drawers


Rare pair of 3 drawer chests made by Schreiber in the 1960s. U.K. mainland delivery is included in the price. The drawers have a very special curved back. One set of drawers and one set drawers with an additional optional mirror which can be easily removed if required. The colouring of each set is slightly different but the dimensions match.

Width 75cm
Depth 40 cm
Height 75cm

Schreiber were a company founded in the late 50s when a Polish Architect, Chaim Schreiber, fled to the UK to escape the German forces in the second world war. As an immigrant to the UK, he bought a bankrupt furniture company and turned the fortunes around for the hundreds of workers there. He was well loved by his workers and brought a new form of workers rights to his factory, well ahead of his time. He abolished the concept of clocking in and clocking off, choosing to trust his employees instead, which resulted in better time keeping. He also introduced a policy of paying his workers more when they took holiday because he believed that was a time when they needed more. He was a generous and caring boss. He was also one of the leading designers in the UK competing with Gomme's G-Plan range during the height of the Mid Century Modern design movement in the UK.

This pair of drawers is in great vintage condition and will make a very stylish storage option for any contemporary or vintage setting.

Price includes free delivery within Mainland UK.

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