Antique Accent Chair - Feau Bamboo Style

Antique Accent Chair - Feau Bamboo Style


A beautiful wooden chair C.1880-1890 with a woven rush seat.

Width 40cm
Depth 37cm
Height 85cm

This particular style of chair made from wood and carved to resemble bamboo was introduced to the West from China and Japan in the 18th century. The oriental style rose in popularity as trade from the East increased and was copied by the French, British and American furniture makers when there was a large appetite for exotic oriental furniture in the mid to late 1800’s during the Aesthetic Movement.

The Asthetic movement was about things which had a use being beautiful as well as functional and not needing to have any other social, moral or political ideological views imposed upon them. The description “Art for arts sake” is often used to describe the movement. Oscar Wilde was a big proponent of this style as was the artist Rossetti. The movement is typified by furniture with an eastern influence, use of nature, flowers and plants in the design, often ginkgo leaves, bamboo and peacock feathers.

Please be aware, this is an authentic vintage item. It is very well made and in great condition for its age however please remember you are buying a little piece of history so some signs of ware are to be expected.

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