Vintage Extending Dining Table - Designed by Gordon Russell 1951

Vintage Extending Dining Table - Designed by Gordon Russell 1951


This Dining Table very nearly wasn’t here. Before I bought it, it had lived a very fun life in the home of a lovely gent who captained a landing craft at D Day when he was 21 and went on to work as a Sound Engineer for Pinewood Studios, working on films such as Star Wars. He regularly ended up with film stars round his table telling stories into the early hours, Steve Mqueen and Harrison Ford amongst others. However, the table was never center of attention and it was in a very sad state initially and it’s been a big job getting it back to how it looks today. I was restoring it for so long that one of my neighbours saw it so many times that she fell in love with it and she bought it before it had been listed here to take to her mother’s new flat on the south coast. However, on arrival she discovered it could not fit through her Mother’s newly insulated front door so it spent an unexpected night outside by the beach before being reluctantly brought back here to Oxford. It therefore finds itself homeless once more and in need of a new home where it can start a new life all over again.

Height 77cm
Width 78cm
length 108cm
Length when extended 153cm

This table is a great size seating 4 and it contains a hidden extension leaf which can be slotted in to allow it to seat 6. It was designed by Gordon Russell and released in 1951 as part of the Festival of Britain Home Exhibition showcasing the best of British design talent. His name is highly respected and his pieces from this period are now becoming collectors items.

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