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I am an independent antiques dealer, based in Oxfordshire, specialising in vintage furniture inspired by the optimistic and idealistic modern movement between 1920 and roughly 1969. I enjoy sourcing interesting pieces and I am passionate about researching and passing on the stories behind these iconic designs. The pieces I find are often unloved and neglected when first rediscovered, so I set to work, tenderly bringing them back to life in my workshop.
Why the passion for mid-century design? 
During this period the mid-century modern design movement was born out of a post world war desire to regenerate and create a new and optimistic vision for the future because the world wars had made it very hard to look to the past for inspiration. This resulted in a fresh and innovative, idealistic view of the design process and a desire to focus on making simple functional furniture using minimal materials and new techniques to minimise cost for the huge numbers of families who's lives and possessions had been destroyed during the wars. 

Architects, artists and designers worked closely together, inspiring one another, creating a new vision for society and new homes for a fresh and better way of living.  Along with new buildings, architects also designed beautiful and functional furniture to complement their new surroundings.  Mid-century furniture is therefore full of clean lines, interesting outlines and extremely comfortable and tactile materials. If you are looking for furniture which makes your life easier, your home calmer and happier and also brings a bit of history into your world then you have come to the right destination. 

Along with finding and restoring vintage pieces I also have a passion for researching the history of their design and designers. I have always had a strong interest in architecture, graphic design and modern art.  SixtyVintageThings is the result of finding a way to combine my intellectual and creative passions.  I hope you will enjoy coming with me on this adventure and find something you love along the way. 

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